Viewing Room by AERY

How to use Aery Viewing Room from Membit on Vimeo.

Viewing Room

Experience curated fine art exhibitions in your home through the magic of augmented reality, and learn about the pieces and the artists through text, sound bites and/or video.

Art Channels

View and admire the latest exhibitions hosted by Viewing Room by AERY and explore art on other channels within the app from art galleries, art institutes and/or museums.

A Space to View

Place an art exhibit wherever you like in the space that you are in, be it your home, business or yacht, through the versatility of augmented reality.

Art Exhibits

Appreciate multiple pieces in each art exhibit as you swipe through art channels featured on the app from art galleries, art institutes and/or museums.

Relive the Experience

Record video within the app by using the augmented reality video functionality to capture and save your Viewing Room experience and share it with others.

Learn More About the Art

Gain knowledge about each art piece and learn more about the artists and their process through text, sound bites and/or video, that accompanies each art piece within the app.

Direct Sales Pathway

Use Viewing Room by AERY to directly contact galleries for inquiries to purchase art within the app.